~ ONLINE SALES ~ No amalgam, we are not all Amazon!

"Online commerce, distance selling, e-commerce" ... so many terms that for many of us sound like the beast to kill in these difficult times.

However, behind an online sales site can also be hidden a local and family business, which is struggling to survive and keep its jobs.

Founded in 1989, by residents of Cannes, in our sublime city of Cannes, our watch brand is irrevocably moving towards online sales in the early 2000s given the explosion in commercial rents in the city center. 

Nevertheless, behind the HTML page stands an SME, employees, a structure that makes every effort to offer its customers watches and jewels of character, an efficient customer service and a real know-how.

Amazon is an essential showcase but know that you always have the choice to acquire your watch, your jewelry and any other product directly on the website of the "small merchant". 

Our Take Your Time© motto makes sense today ; let’s take advantage of this imposed free time to buy wisely. 

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